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Over two decades of dedicated regulatory consulting services exclusively for the benefit of insurance regulators

Noble Consulting is a leading national regulatory consulting firm.  We provide a full range of consulting services both on a turn-key and service-for-hire basis.  Our value proposition begins with:

  • An employee-based model which allows us to control all aspects of the services, including training, IT support, privacy and confidentiality and high standards for our level of service.  Our talent includes former regulators, Big 4 managers,  insurance executives and specialists.

  • Deep talent and deep understanding of the insurance industry, the regulatory environment and emerging challenges.  This means keeping up with the rapid pace of change in regulation and capital markets including the U.S. Solvency Modernization Initiatives, Dodd-Frank Financial Services Regulatory Reform, Patient Protection Affordable Care Act and global initiatives, including the Financial Sector Assessment Program.

  • Leveraging our decades of service to regulators on small and large companies and with special projects to bring a unique perspective and deep understanding of risks and challenges facing insurers and regulators.

  • Our commitment to meet all of the needs of our regulators.  This means providing consulting services for small and large companies at competitive prices, training programs and the ability to tailor all of our services to meet the unique needs of each regulator.

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